Thanks to everyone who shared their steps in May!! If you haven't completed your TABOR board, feel free to keep going as long as it takes! You and your Donate Life family have a special connection to the powerful gifts of life, sight, and health. Tabor Trot Home Edition is your chance to reconnect, celebrate those gifts, and share valuable lessons of generosity and hope. You can still sign up for free and choose from fun and educational steps, below, to share and spell out TABOR (like bingo). Gifts and fundraising (as a team or individual) are optional, but if you are able to help sustain Donate Life Northwest lifesaving programs, gifts are much-needed, greatly-appreciated, and matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to CareDx and leadership volunteers. Questions? Contact

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SIGN UP FOR FREE: To register your commitment to taking your own steps & sharing. Sign up, now, so you can receive a free DLNW string backpack in the mail when the office can be opened, again.

GIFTS MATCHED: *Optional (but much-needed & appreciated): At the end of sign up, or from buttons, here, you can make a gift and/or customize a fundraiser (team or individual) to share your story to inspire support the lifesaving work of Donate Life Northwest. Thanks to CareDx and leadership volunteers, gifts go twice as far with a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MATCH! 

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5,000 WALKING STEPS: Or, however you are able to roll - about 2.5 miles, like Tabor route.


TABOR GAME BOARD STEPS: Like bingo, choose your steps to spell TABOR. Printable board and details, below.


Give it a try, and follow along for inspiration, but if you just can't get a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal line, it's OK redraw your board and adapt steps. 

Bonus: Fill and share the whole board & get Donate Life swag in your bag!


#TABORTROT: Gather with your Donate Life Northwest family on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to follow and share inspiration.


Today, the whole world can use our powerful lessons of generosity bringing new hope, joy, and connection, even amid great loss. Use all your favorite email and social platforms to share with your broader community!

*Fundraise: check out individual and team stories; share theirs or your own, if you like; &/or make a gift if you are able to help sustain Donate Life Northwest amid funding losses:



HONOR GARDEN: Make, draw, or find a flower. Take a picture and dedicate it to a donor or donors. Share with #HopeBlooms  #TaborTrot



STORIES OF HOPE: Read through the Stories of Hope at and pick one of your favorites to share on social media.


DONE VIDA: Learn/share the words for at least three organs or tissues in Spanish. You can use Google Translate or check out Spanish-language-learning site Bonus: like and share @DoneVidaNoroeste on Facebook. 


#TALKTOYOURFAMILY: Whether round the dinner table or on screen, have a discussion about organ, eye, and tissue donation with time for each person to talk about why they have or have not made the decision to register. If anyone needs more information to decide, learn more at


SHARE YOUR STORY: Customize a team or individual fundraiser page to share your story and the reasons you support programs that educate, encourage, and empower more organ, eye, and tissue donors. While many supporters in our vulnerable community have had to cut back their support, Donate Life Northwest relies on those those who are still able to give - any amount - to sustain hope for thousands of area children and adults facing an even more precarious wait for transplant. Thanks to CareDx and leadership volunteers, gifts in May are matched, 100%, up to $10,000. 


GET GROUNDED: Donate Life Northwest Mental Health webinars continue with two new opportunities in May. Find the schedule and register by visiting


HONOR HEALTHCARE PROS: Thank your healthcare provider, donation professionals, or transplant team. Send a card or email, or post with #TaborTrot on social media how thankful you are for caring professionals.


BE A HERO: Pay tribute to hero donors, and your own lifesaving contributions as a champion of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Don a cape (tablecloth, towel, whatever works) and strike a pose to share with #TaborTrot.  Bonus: watch this awesome video about young donor hero, Kyle Comeau, his contribution to Optimus Prime, and the reason his family and friends don capes for Tabor Trot.    


LOVE ROCKS: Make a Love Rock (or many). Visit our dear friends at to learn how these rocks spread joy around the world, and how to make your own. Then spread the love at Love Rocks  Facebook with #TaborTrot, and around your neighborhood!


WHAT ORGANS, WHERE: Do some research to find out which type of organ transplants are done locally. (Hint: not all types are done here). Visit the websites of the three active transplant centers in Oregon: OHSU, Legacy, and the VA;;; and  Bonus: take a deep dive into the facts and stats, and find where other organs are transplanted in neighboring states


THROWBACK TROT PICS: Share a photo of yourself from a previous year’s Tabor Trot. Haven’t been to Tabor Trot before? How about another event with Donate Life Northwest? Or, visit the galleries and share a photo that touches your heart. #TaborTrot


ART WITH HEART: Make and share Donate Life-themed art with sidewalk chalk, or share other creativity outdoors or in a window - plus online with #TaborTrot


FREEBIE! Just be sure you are a registered organ, eye, and tissue donor!


HANG OUT WITH DLNW: Donate Life Northwest will be hosting a virtual happy hours in May. Catch up and get to know new folks in your Donate Life community. Find details at:


I'M TROTTING FROM HOME, BECAUSE... Why are you playing along with the Home Edition of Tabor Trot? Are you or do you know: a caring professional; a living donor sharing joy in giving; a donor family member carrying on a loved one's legacy of generosity; a grateful recipient honoring your donor and paying it forward; a transplant candidate waiting with hope? Share the story of your connection(s) to the gifts of life, sight, and health with #TaborTrot.


NOT JUST ORGANS: Name one thing that is not a major organ, that can be donated for transplant. Need some help? from Community Tissue Services is a good place to start.


#SEETHEGIFT: Share a photo of something beautiful you’ve been able to see outside, and a note about sharing the gift of sight through eye donation. Share with #SeeTheGift and #TaborTrot


DONATE BLOOD: Make an appointment and donate blood at your local blood bank, if you are able - or encourage others if you cannot. Find your local Bloodworks Northwest location here: or your local American Red Cross location here:


PARADE YOUR PET: Share a photo of your pet dressed to impress —a  hat, a bandana, or anything else fun! #TaborTrot


SING ALONG - "I WOULD WALK 5,000 STEPS!!" Record and share video of your own version of the Proclaimers "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" while walking about your home or neighborhood. Write your own verse, chorus, or more - or try our sample lyrics, here. Hint: you don't need a good singing voice for this anthem, just enthusiasm! Even a few lines - or just some "Ta-da-da-dan-te-la-dan-te-la-dan-te-le-la-da-da" will work! #5000Steps #TaborTrot


COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: Share what is most meaningful to you about being a part of the Donate Life Northwest community and the ways that gifts of life, sight, and health connect us across many divides. #TaborTrot


SHOW YOUR SWAG: Post a selfie with your favorite Donate Life Northwest shirt, hat, foam finger, fandana, string bag, or other gear you have collected. Don't have any, yet? Just be sure to complete the free sign up so we can mail you a bag when the office can be reopened. 


YOUR STORY, YOUR SOCIAL: Share the story of your connection to donation on your own social media pages. #TaborTrot


SELF-CARE SELFIE: Or just share a few words about one thing you do for self-care. 


STRUT YOUR KIDNEY: Visit our friends at to learn more about their work, and find out when their 2020 Strut Your Kidney is scheduled.

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